United Nations Youth Leadership Programs

Program Director Spore

The Good Samaritans of the Knights Templar Foundation has entered into a special relationship with the Knights Templar International, which enjoys recognition by the United Nations in Special Consultative Status [ www.OSMTH.org ], and the Admiral Carey Foundation, which has agreed to provide funding for participation in various United Nations International Year of Youth in 2010 and 2011. The Knights Templar already participate in a broad spectrum of United Nations programs, meetings, symposiums, and numerous other humanitarian aid programs and projects which provide for the inclusion of young men and women seeking to learn more about how the world’s nations can begin to solve the full-spectrum of problems and challenges facing our world. GSKT Foundation is dedicated to youth leadership training and wishes to support OSMTH in these efforts by providing internship scholarships to attend various United Nations educational programs and opportunities to participate in the governance programs sponsored by the U.N.! We are also truly grateful for the support and funding provided by the Admiral Carey Foundation to enable this participation. [ www.AdmiralCareyFoundation.org ]

Chev. Jordan Spore of the Templar Priory of Saint King Charles the Martyr in Washington, DC, who also serves on the Board of Trustees of the GSKT Foundation, has been appointed Director of this program representing the GSKT Foundation and in coordination and liaison with OSMTH and their United Nations programs and involvement and in partnership with the Admiral Carey Foundation. Mr. Spore is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and works for the consulting firm of Booz, Allen, Hamilton in Northern Virginia. He is a graduate of the Washington Scholars Fellowship Program in Washington, DC and is pursuing a career in Energy Engineering. He may be reached by e-mail at jordan.spore@gmail.com Young men and women interested in participating in these United Nations programs and the United Nations Youth Leadership Assembly should contact Mr. Spore for liaison and coordination with the Knights Templar International [OSMTH] and the Admiral Carey Foundation, in order to attend and participate in these U.N. programs. Further details on the U.N. Youth Leadership Assembly are available at the following URL: http://www.faf.org/unyouthassembly/ya_home.htm

For those interested in applying for the 2010 Assembly in New York, we suggest you access the following documents ASAP, and if you apply, be sure to let Mr. Spore know via e-mail so he can track your application and help liaison with OSMTH with regard to the official Templar delegation, who is attending and will be a part of it, etc., etc.

Further, the following URL’s should be of value to you:

Registration info is available to you at: http://www.faf.org/unyouthassembly/applytoday.htm

The attendance package information is available to you at: http://www.faf.org/unyouthassembly/packages.htm

You may also have interest in the package that includes the weekend after the YA. It is the package many delegates opt for: http://www.faf.org/unyouthassembly/packages.htm#assembly-bonus

And here are the URL’s for access to several documents that pertain to the 2010 Youth Assembly:
General Systemics and Logistics

Press Release

2010 Flyer

2010 Supporting and Endorsing Organizations

Photo Albums of our Delegations at Past United Nations Youth Assemblies at U.N. HQ in New York City